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Unveiling Nature's Potency: Where Science Meets Healing.

Pioneering Discoveries at the Nexus of Chemistry and Medicine.

Welcome to the Laboratory of Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry, where creativity meets innovation. Our laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility that specializes in the synthesis and purification of natural compounds from plants and marine organisms. We are dedicated to finding the next generation of therapeutics to treat diseases and improve human health.

The LNPMC in a few words

Designing, developing, and clinically validating novel drugs is a multifaceted process that requires expertise in various scientific disciplines. The Laboratory of Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry likely engages in multiple activities to achieve its goals. The ultimate goal of LNPMC is to contribute to developing safe and effective drugs that can address unmet medical needs and improve patient outcomes. It requires a multidisciplinary approach, a deep understanding of biology and chemistry, and a commitment to rigorous scientific research and ethical practices. The laboratory can contribute significantly to developing novel drugs, addressing unmet medical needs, and improving healthcare outcomes by pursuing these activities. It's an exciting and challenging field with the potential to impact global health positively.

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Kannan RR Rengasamy, Ph.D
Professor and Lab Head

Tel.: +91-6383317843


Here are some aspects LNPMC focus on:

Natural Products Research

Exploration of compounds derived from natural sources such as plants, fungi, bacteria, and marine organisms. Natural products often serve as inspiration or direct sources for drug development.

Medicinal Chemistry

We are designing and synthesizing novel compounds with potential therapeutic effects. Medicinal chemists optimise these compounds' pharmacological properties, such as potency, selectivity, and bioavailability.

Biochemical and Cellular Assays:

We are conducting experiments to assess the biological activity of newly synthesized compounds. This involves testing how these compounds interact with specific biological targets, such as enzymes or receptors.

Computational Drug Discovery

Our lab is well-equipped with high-end computational facilities for computational drug discovery research. Having access to advanced computational resources is crucial in modern drug discovery efforts. These facilities likely include powerful computers, servers, and software tools that enable researchers to perform complex simulations, virtual screenings, molecular modeling, and other computational analyses.

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Studies:

Investigating how the body absorbs, distributes, metabolizes, and excretes a drug (pharmacokinetics) and understanding the drug's effects on the body (pharmacodynamics).

Toxicology Studies:

Evaluate potential drugs' safety profile to ensure they do not cause harmful side effects. This involves assessing the toxicity of compounds in various biological systems.

Formulation and Drug Delivery:

Developing suitable formulations for drug delivery, considering factors such as stability, solubility, and ease of administration. This is crucial for ensuring the drug reaches its target in the body.

Clinical Trials:

We are initiating and conducting clinical trials to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the developed drugs in human subjects. This involves rigorous testing in multiple phases before a drug can be approved for public use.

Collaborations and Translational Research:

We are collaborating with other research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare providers to facilitate the translation of research findings into clinical applications.

Intellectual Property Protection:

We are filing patents for novel drug compounds and processes to protect intellectual property and incentivize further research and development.

Publication and Knowledge Sharing:

We are disseminating research findings through scientific journal publications, conference presentations, and other forms of knowledge sharing within the scientific community.

Education and Training:

We provide education and training opportunities for researchers, students, and professionals interested in natural products and medicinal chemistry.

Technology and Innovation:

We are staying updated with the latest technologies and incorporating innovative approaches to enhance the drug discovery and development process.

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Latest Research

Welcome to LNPMC's Promotion section. Here, we showcase our latest research findings and breakthroughs. Our team of dedicated researchers is committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in various fields. From cutting-edge technologies to innovative methodologies, we strive to make a positive impact on society. Explore our publications to stay updated with our latest discoveries and advancements.

Our Academic Collaborators

We at LNPMC gets immense support from our National and International Collaborators 
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Our Industry and publishing Collaborators

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